Embroidery Digitizing Pricing

Pricing that gives you an edge over others.

See our two main pricing for digitizing.

Stitch Based

The most basic pricing structure that every one loves.

You pay for what you get, no more nor less.

  • $125

    per 1000 stitches

Minimum$6.25 (5000 stitches)
Maximum$87.5 (70000 stitches)

e.g. a design having 6435 stitches will cost $8.04, similarly a design having 3372 stitches will cost $6.25

Flat Rates

Simplest flat rated pricing for embroidery digitizing gives you peace of mind.

Stay focused on winning customers instead of calculating the stitches.

  • Left Chest /


    max 4.5 x 4.5 Inch

  • Portrait /
    Center Chest


    max 8 x 8 Inch

  • Full Fronts /
    Jacket Back


    over 8 x 8 Inch



Things you need changed within the design.

e.g text changes or anything that was not instructed originally.


Lifetime Free

Quality or stitching issues? mistakes or blunders made by us? We correct them anytime you want.

No time limits, its lifetime.



Jump the queue with a little additional.

Next order processed, will be yours!



Downsizing of designs are done absolutely free.

In case the design is reduced drastically, such as reducing from 12 Inches to 4 Inches, it may require amendments or reproduction. Amendment fee will be charged.



For Stitch Based. Difference between stitches are charged.

For Flat Rates. No Charge if the size remains withing the range. Otherwise the amount difference between the next size will be charged.

Sample Tests

Testing your digitizing file with real sample, is the only way to stay 100% sure.

Sample test can sometimes require a spare machine or an hold on production.

We can provide you with a sample test on our Tajima machines with the exact fabric. Don’t ever go into production, without running a sample.


per 1000 stitches

Switch with Ease

Existing customers currently on any pricing can switch their pricing with a simple request.

Note changing the pricing can only be done once every month. If you have any queries, please email to sales@cheapdigitizing.com

To request for switching to Flat Rates, click the link below.

Got volume?

Contact sales to get better high volume pricing.