Winter promotion – max prices slashed down

We have a grand offer for you this winter, like never before. Understanding, you’d have a lot of orders for jacket backs, sweatshirts and hoodies, and you to help you capture business for such orders, we have rolled out a promotion.

Prices for maximum digitizing fee have been slashed down
from 100K stitches ($175.00) to 50K stitches ($87.50).


You wont be charged over $87.50 digitizing fee.
(Sampling fees, urgent processing fees, and smaller logo fees apply in full.)
The minimum fee of 5000 stitches remains as it is at $8.75.

This offer is a limited time offer and will end on 15th of January 2015.

So lets start pushing your large size orders in..

New website launch

We’d been planning to launch our new website since the past few months. However, focusing more over daily orders and activities caused the delay. Well the wait is finally over, we just decided to launch the new website today. There is still a lot of stuff coming soon, so stay tuned for updates. And ohh.. your recommendations are most gladly welcomed.


Will Fortune 500 be Fortunate for us?

Fortune 500 has been ranking the world’s largest companies. Those companies with whom everyone wants to work for or work with. CheapDigitizing has made its progress through catering these companies directly or indirectly, so we have decided the put in a count for how many of the 500 companies we catered.

Keep checking for astonishing updates.

It’s going to be fun!