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Why You should really use Wilcom TrueSizer

Wilcom EMB files are the reason, and the right files for you to use with Wilcom TrueSizer. Why not other files? We’ll other files are tending to be locked like DST, DSB, PES etc. These files are designed for your embroidery machines not to manipulate in software. However, TrueSizer does a pretty good job resizing these files, but still there are limitations.

Let’s see how a DST performs with TrueSizer, and then compare with EMB file.

VOILA! Just as I said TrueSizer itself gives us a warning “Non-native design”.

Let’s Click OK, and see what exactly the limitations are.

DST File

Original Design Size H:75mm W:55mm

Original DST file


Everything seems pretty much OK, of course we haven’t done anything yet. Let’s select a certain part, and measure up the stitch spacing. (I’ll choose the nose part).

1st Stitch Spacing on DST


Okay it measures 0.40mm across.

Let’s beef it up by 10%

2nd Stitch Spacing Measurement on DST

Hmm… Just acceptable.

See the difference? Now its 0.44mm, because it was 10% increased. You can do the math.

Let’s try increasing 50% now.

3rd Measurement on DST

OUCH! 0.60mm for spacing. This is becoming useless already.

Just After Increasing 50%


Final word: Not something I would use for my precious clients.

EMB File

Now let’s see how the native EMB performs. Same size, same everything, just it’s an EMB.Original EMB File

Original Stitch Length

1st Stitch Spacing Measurement on EMB

Shows 0.42mm. Not sure why, let’s just see how it goes.

10% Increase

WOW! Its 0.40mm. Did you notice the stitches pattern changed? Compare again. Looks like TrueSizer even tightened the stitches.

What happened here is, TrueSizer can talk to EMB, just because they are natives. TrueSizer can adjust the EMB files, while maintaining the densities. Impressive!

Do you want to try 50% increase? Well me too… let’s do it.

Increasing to 50%

Brilliant! It’s the same. 0.40mm dot on. But the stitches increased.

This software has some skills, I would say. Did you see how it handled the resizing, while maintaining the integrity. The reason again, EMB files.

Whenever you outsource or digitize your files. Keep them in EMB.

CheapDigitizing provides its customers with an EMB and maintains the records as EMBs. That’s how we can get your designs resized without loosing anything.


Resized EMB File

What’s this, the facial details are still as running stitch? Yes, of course TrueSizer wont change it. Well that actually the limitation with EMB.

So that means that if we had enlarged it for like 200mm high. Some objects will not be acceptable or might need editing, like converting to tatami. That’s where the Wilcom EmbroideryStudio comes in, and that’s expensive and has a steep learning curve.

Why do you want to invest that much? If you can get CheapDigitizing to get your digitizing’s done.

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