Why You should really use Wilcom TrueSizer

Wilcom EMB files are the reason, and the right files for you to use with Wilcom TrueSizer. Why not other files? Well other files are tending to be locked like DST, DSB, PES etc. These files are designed for your embroidery machines not to manipulate or edit in software. However, TrueSizer does a pretty good […]

Learn about cap embroidery digitizing

Puff Cap embroidery digitizing

Its not always easy as you may think it is. Digitizers and Embroiderers really fall into problems while performing cap embroidery digitizing unless they really know what they’re doing. There are two types of caps commonly known as structured caps and unstructured caps. Structured Caps While doing embroidery digitizing on structured caps also known as […]

Converting Images to Embroidery

Converting images to embroidery

Any image can be converted to embroidery, that’s for sure. By images I mean more or less the following: JPG PNG BMP GIF (Not Animated, because embroidery isn’t) PSD CDR EPS  And embroidery, I mean digitized embroidery files such as: DST EMB PES XXX CND DSB and many more. See the full list here. What does […]